Services we provide

satellite TV

Eamar Sat satellite TV and radio services through a global satellite network, enabling worldwide channel visibility. Our networks are continually growing and expanding as we improve our coverage for our clients.</p> <p>Our satellite networks provide a global communications network to broadcast audio and visual content direct to home, studios or cable head ends across every continent. We can deliver your content to any platform, anywhere.


Robust with the option to implement redundancy for peace of mind, the 24-hour playout facility at our UK teleport is fully managed and controlled by an automated system which includes automatic playlist synchronisation and can provide on-air protection as an option.</p> <p>We are also able to provide remote scheduling access and end-to-end services, which include advanced graphic overlay and logo insertion.

Pop Up Channels

Eamar Sat offers Pop Up Channel services for all its customers.</p> <p>These channels are designed with short term adaptability in mind. We offer the same level of service you are used to, but on a scale best suited for those smaller live events. These channels are incredibly flexible and can cater to both live and pre-recorded content.</p> <p>Get in touch with us today via the form below to find out more about how our Pop Up Channel solutions can aid you and your company.


Eamar Sat offers a professional, flexible and reliable service to start up channels looking to broadcast their content to a global audience.</p> <p>Our experience with helping new channels choose the right platform for their programming means that we can assist with the technicalities of broadcasting, as well as offering specialist advice to ensure a rewarding broadcasting experience.


Viewsat’s OTT streaming services are perfect for established and startup channels. Whether TV or radio, our streaming services allow your audience to engage with your content from anywhere in the world via your website, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.


Our satellite, IP and fibre networks provide a global communications network to broadcast audio and visual content direct to homes, studios or cable head ends across every continent.

Web Site Design

we are ready to build up your website belongs to your TV channel with high quality and responsive design , only you can send us your logo and we will try to fill the content and you can manger it with your website dashboard


we can also design for you video Effect belongs to your TV channel or documentary template , songs , politics and other’s unkown we can deal our works and production image and video skills .

Clean design

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